A new beginning



I have seen you hundreds of time,

then why  am I so impatient today?

Even my breath asks permission,

unable to control palpitation,

these eye were waiting for that view,

 Oh yes! there is something magical in you.

There was anxiety and panic over the place,

 And I found my heart running a race;

 Suddenly, I skipped a beat,

my eyes are red, there’s heat,

and then I found you

 My eyes treat.

People stood on there feet to greet you,

It will be nostalgic, when you will remember all this

thinking how time flew.

You wish not to change your surname,

because it’s the name of your dad;

He gave me his ‘precious’,

Why will I object?

I will rather be glad.

In front of gentlemen and ladies,

 Grown up and babies.

People with gaiety and of course the almighty,

I say,

the woman in that magnificent dress

is my lady.

Your appearance  so pure and divine like dove,

Now looking at you, I believe

Something beautiful is there in love.