Dear Life




You have definitions

yet, unknown to me.

You are an unsolved riddle

backed with insinuations,

an experience absolute new

and answers all hidden.

Time, when I was a little princess

wrapped in my daddy’s arms,

you were easiest to describe.

Slowly, the lines on my palm

joined hands with you

bent in directions that pierced my back.

Every dream that I dreamt

with eyes wide open,

have been killed

and buried without cremation.

Every thirsty breath

that has formed a giant lump in my gland

have yearned to be quenched.

Time then, hurt just meant

bleeding wounds on skin.

Time now, with skin clear like silk,

hurt is beyond ‘just bleed’.

You have harassed me

with your pedicured nails,

and dragged me to a destination, unknown

with no door open for help.

I have accepted my mistakes,

let go my weakness,

fell and stood again, positive.

But again, you my dear friend

beheaded me, leaving my organs paralyzed.

I am out of coins now.

With every round I play

the debt increases.

Still I will hold myself together

Until, I define you with 

words unknown to you.


Man/Woman – One defines the other



Every new soul is an amalgamation of love shared between two individuals. It is a decision taken by two animals blessed with the power of imagination i.e. men and women. It is a creation that inherits some recognizable and some unrecognizable features of both parents.

No dictionary in the world defines men as dominant and women as suppressed creatures (or vice versa). They are two different mortals of one group (humans) with small dissimilarities in appearance. Except a few, they both have organs which functions alike.  But how do we define the relationship between a man and woman?

Emotions are a subtle part of human beings. The arguments between them are outcomes of misunderstood opinions. The arguments are not meant to prove who is right and who is guilty. It is the differences in thoughts stated in an eccentric way.

The ceremony of exchanging rings is an acceptance of each other’s follies and foibles. It is the beginning of two lives which will now be lived as ‘one’. They are ready to glide and rearrange their assembled lifestyles. It is a promise that may be their ways would be different but destination would be same.

When we talk about love, it doesn’t merely involves the act of sleeping together. A woman devotes herself entirely to a man because she thinks of him as a person who has rights on her. She doesn’t define it as intimacy but a process of falling in love with him. A man on the other hand doesn’t make love to a woman to just satisfy his crave. He is, in fact thankful to his lady for choosing him as her partner and letting him enter into her privacy.

A woman during pregnancy goes through enormous changes, both physical and mental. A woman’s feet increase in size and her uterus expands to more than 500 times its normal size. And, this continuous change automatically leads to mood swings. Men are not blessed with uterus. Hence, they cannot feel the pleasure of a soul growing within them.  It is difficult for \them to describe their emotions.

The unbearable labor pain that a woman undergoes is the proof of her strength and celestial happiness. Sitting outside the operation theatre, a man cries too. Hearing his lady scream, is the last thing he would want. The flow of blood in his nerves is replaced with the flow of anxiety which can be termed as ‘patience test’. His mind struggles with plenty of unanswered questions and unclear decisions. He has never been taught about parenting. But the moment he holds his child in his arms, anxiety is replaced with bliss and the only feeling, of ‘being blessed’ lingers around.

With every step they take together, they enlighten the world. Dinners, drive, shopping, arguments, intimacy, support, respect, adjustment, compromise etc are part of a life cycle, paddled by two souls, tied with an imaginary indestructible knot.

Have you seen old married couples walking in a park? You will often find them holding hands. It is a scientific reflection of their love. They have lived by the promise they had made to each other, several years ago and believe to abide by it till the end.




I was a symbol of love and affection;

A divine blessing.

Not an alibi of mating

Or your lack of protection.

I was alive in you

With your oxygen and food,

In the bed which was round and watery

Day by day I grew.

I had plans to play,

Hide and seek,

To swing, to slide

Perhaps, a new game every day.

I wanted to cuddle in your arms,

sit on daddy’s back

and help him grow paddy

in his large, gigantic farms.

But you killed my dreams

you banned my exit.

Not even once,

you could hear me scream?

Those people with scissors, knife

Syringe, tuning fork

flushed me out of your womb

and snatched my right of life.

I wasn’t either he or she

I was just ‘it’.

But I wasn’t a cuckoo’s egg

laid in crow’s tree.

Though I am no more

but I will remain alive.

As a secret, a bad dream

Behind those closed doors.



The journey of a life begins when one amongst the billion sperms meets the ovum, giving life to an extra ordinary creature of the world – human.  For the period of nine months, the creature tussles, twists and revolves around a sensory water tank having circumference of 34-38 cm. The tank (womb) acts as a shield; protecting the delicate creature and nurturing it for months. By the end of nine months, the junior becomes completely impatient and fights with the mother to come into the world which it doesn’t know is precarious.  

As soon as it enters into this world, its genetics defines as to which vivid group of human being – men/boy, women/girl, Trans – it belongs. It is then addressed by a name which also implicates its religion. Such as “Christopher for Christian, Krishna for Hindu, Zaid Ali for Muslim etc. (names used only for example purposes). Simultaneously, it is taught the gestures to adopt, required while offering prayers to the almighty.

The day the child wears uniform, it shows that its intake of milk has changed from mother’s breast to perhaps a glass. The first profound transformation. The motive behind studying in any educational institution should be to gain knowledge which will last forever. Unfortunately, the lesson “to first start from zero’ remains untaught. All they learn is to play with numbers on their marks card. In other words, it is a stereotypical and repetitive process of education. People are not ready to accept a fact as simple as ‘holding a pencil in left is not wrong’. Examinations are treated as tests of life and not tests of knowledge. It becomes a magnet, attracting a child towards depression.

Love, empathy and sacrifice are pushed to a place that it becomes impossible for humans to find them when they need them the most. And soon it becomes extinct.

Now on its next move to look for a source of income, its past comes to play a major role. It is officially not welcomed to even give an interview, if the academic records do not adhere to the requirements of respective organizations. Does that mean that a child has to remain alert from the moment it stops wearing dippers?  No wonder, unemployment rate is so high.

The constant fear of not being accepted by certain group/s, burden human beings; intoxicating lots of stress. Those who get accepted, fail to satisfy themselves. In order to escape reality, they addict themselves to the lifestyle which has a traumatic impact on their body, mind and soul.  And when realization takes too long, it becomes too late.  

Till the end they keep running away from something which is inevitable. Life becomes a never ending cycle but they remain constant in the race, dying bit by bit.

Behind that door…



From the time I had seen that house across the street, I have wondered what’s behind that mysterious door. I was six when I moved to one of the streets of Vandmere.

The mysterious house stood beside the house, built opposite of mine. The splotches on the walls resembled that the original paint was brown. Over years, rain has washed the shade to such an extent that now it appears rustic. Weeds and dandelions poked out from the cracks of roof. And the only light that showered on the house was the moon light.

During Christmas every house in the street glowed and remained flooded with guests but there was never even a single knock on that door. It has been shut from years. Though no one stayed there but every year on Christmas Eve a lady would come to visit the house. She appeared to be in early forties and her clothing gave assurance of her upper class. The strange part was that she never went inside.

On last Christmas, I was sitting near the window of my room,BE waiting for that lady to arrive. This time, I had decided to get all my answers from her. The clock struck 8 and a car parked just in front of that door. I ran down the stairs leaving the front door of my house wide open. I knew if I missed meeting her that day, I would have to wait for a year to demystify the truth. The noise of slamming the door was loud enough to scare her. As she saw me running, she hurried back to the car, shut its door and in few minutes the car was gone, forming clouds with smoke.

The very next day, I saw a post man dropping a letter in that house. If no one stayed there then the letter?

“Are you sure this letter belongs to this address?” I said.

“Yes, the envelope reads the same.” said the postman, turning around.

“But, no one stays here. I haven’t seen anyone here from years.”

“Even I haven’t dropped a single letter here before. Anyway, I am just doing my business.” said the postman and went ahead.

I was about to take out the letter but suddenly my mom called me. I left the letter there.

Next morning, I saw the lady again. She had never come to the door except on the Christmas Eves. It seemed like I was given one more chance. I ran but again she disappeared before I could reach her. I looked for the letter and it was gone. She had taken it with her as if she had known it had arrived.

And after that day, neither the letters came nor the lady. The discovery of truth behind the door remained mystified- forever.




Mirrors show the reflection

Of not just my face

But my body

And soul.

Millions of masks that I carry,

Only one amongst them

I find profound.

It is pale

with no scars, no injuries

and no emotions.

It has a lot to speak

But utters no word.

There’s one that laughs with people,

One that loves a lover,

One that empathize with needy,

One that is cruel,

And there’s one that sobs alone.

There’s one

I wear to escape reality,

And then the other to

Come back.

There’s one that I hate the most.

It pretends to be good

and follows the right path,

until it gets swayed by

money and greed.

And there’s one that

I have saved for the end.

It resembles no grudges

No fear, no regrets

No pain.

Only nostalgia.

This one I shall wear

 When it’s time

To take my last breath.

It just remained with me


The bench beneath the oak tree

Reminds me the beginning of

Something that remained forever

Just with me.

As kids we ran

And hid behind the tree,

waited for hours

for just one sight of each other’s.

You were the sunlight

To go back to bed

You were the picture

A life beyond horizon.

And all I wanted

was to hold your hand

and walk to the infinity.

I don’t know how to

Identify the monster

Who drifted us apart.

But I remember,

he was a man with a coat and black hat.

I cried,

I prayed and waited

For the monster to not

To take you away.

Soon things jeopardized

And my prayers

All in vain; all unanswered.

Winter, rain and summer passed

Over the years

But my life was only autumn

Without you.

When you were gone

Far away

So far that I could catch no sight of you,

I caught him

The man in the black coat, one day.

He stepped out of a house

Ancient and rhetoric

The label on the wall read

the same surname as yours.

After years I saw you

You saw me too

And I thought this time

I would make an end to the chase,

and let a love story begin.

But it all ended

When you looked at me in strange,

turned around and made your way.