I see you


You reside inside me,

from the time I first saw you.

Your impeccable beauty and jovial nature

have made women of your age and old,

dream to walk in your shoe.

From child to turning adults,

a long journey covering miles;

Years have passed,

though I couldn’t believe but I felt the luckiest

when you decided to take a step ahead

and walk with me through aisle.

One unusual day, I couldn’t breathe,

even the breeze that day wasn’t at ease.

The reports said, I neither have years nor months;

Only a few days left

for my body to be eaten by a disease.

We saw each other so often,

at home, church, café or just random streets.

If it was not possible for us to be together,

then tell me why did we meet?

While burial of my body

or just say it cremation,

you will remember our

small and long conversations.

The moon will be up and sun will go behind,

your face will discover a few asymmetrical smiles.

All this will happen,

When those memories will brush through your mind.

I shall meet you here soon,

in the same world with a beginning, absolute new;

Till then

just remain the same

until the last time, I see you.


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