It just remained with me


The bench beneath the oak tree

Reminds me the beginning of

Something that remained forever

Just with me.

As kids we ran

And hid behind the tree,

waited for hours

for just one sight of each other’s.

You were the sunlight

To go back to bed

You were the picture

A life beyond horizon.

And all I wanted

was to hold your hand

and walk to the infinity.

I don’t know how to

Identify the monster

Who drifted us apart.

But I remember,

he was a man with a coat and black hat.

I cried,

I prayed and waited

For the monster to not

To take you away.

Soon things jeopardized

And my prayers

All in vain; all unanswered.

Winter, rain and summer passed

Over the years

But my life was only autumn

Without you.

When you were gone

Far away

So far that I could catch no sight of you,

I caught him

The man in the black coat, one day.

He stepped out of a house

Ancient and rhetoric

The label on the wall read

the same surname as yours.

After years I saw you

You saw me too

And I thought this time

I would make an end to the chase,

and let a love story begin.

But it all ended

When you looked at me in strange,

turned around and made your way.


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