Mirrors show the reflection

Of not just my face

But my body

And soul.

Millions of masks that I carry,

Only one amongst them

I find profound.

It is pale

with no scars, no injuries

and no emotions.

It has a lot to speak

But utters no word.

There’s one that laughs with people,

One that loves a lover,

One that empathize with needy,

One that is cruel,

And there’s one that sobs alone.

There’s one

I wear to escape reality,

And then the other to

Come back.

There’s one that I hate the most.

It pretends to be good

and follows the right path,

until it gets swayed by

money and greed.

And there’s one that

I have saved for the end.

It resembles no grudges

No fear, no regrets

No pain.

Only nostalgia.

This one I shall wear

 When it’s time

To take my last breath.


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