Behind that door…



From the time I had seen that house across the street, I have wondered what’s behind that mysterious door. I was six when I moved to one of the streets of Vandmere.

The mysterious house stood beside the house, built opposite of mine. The splotches on the walls resembled that the original paint was brown. Over years, rain has washed the shade to such an extent that now it appears rustic. Weeds and dandelions poked out from the cracks of roof. And the only light that showered on the house was the moon light.

During Christmas every house in the street glowed and remained flooded with guests but there was never even a single knock on that door. It has been shut from years. Though no one stayed there but every year on Christmas Eve a lady would come to visit the house. She appeared to be in early forties and her clothing gave assurance of her upper class. The strange part was that she never went inside.

On last Christmas, I was sitting near the window of my room,BE waiting for that lady to arrive. This time, I had decided to get all my answers from her. The clock struck 8 and a car parked just in front of that door. I ran down the stairs leaving the front door of my house wide open. I knew if I missed meeting her that day, I would have to wait for a year to demystify the truth. The noise of slamming the door was loud enough to scare her. As she saw me running, she hurried back to the car, shut its door and in few minutes the car was gone, forming clouds with smoke.

The very next day, I saw a post man dropping a letter in that house. If no one stayed there then the letter?

“Are you sure this letter belongs to this address?” I said.

“Yes, the envelope reads the same.” said the postman, turning around.

“But, no one stays here. I haven’t seen anyone here from years.”

“Even I haven’t dropped a single letter here before. Anyway, I am just doing my business.” said the postman and went ahead.

I was about to take out the letter but suddenly my mom called me. I left the letter there.

Next morning, I saw the lady again. She had never come to the door except on the Christmas Eves. It seemed like I was given one more chance. I ran but again she disappeared before I could reach her. I looked for the letter and it was gone. She had taken it with her as if she had known it had arrived.

And after that day, neither the letters came nor the lady. The discovery of truth behind the door remained mystified- forever.


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