The journey of a life begins when one amongst the billion sperms meets the ovum, giving life to an extra ordinary creature of the world – human.  For the period of nine months, the creature tussles, twists and revolves around a sensory water tank having circumference of 34-38 cm. The tank (womb) acts as a shield; protecting the delicate creature and nurturing it for months. By the end of nine months, the junior becomes completely impatient and fights with the mother to come into the world which it doesn’t know is precarious.  

As soon as it enters into this world, its genetics defines as to which vivid group of human being – men/boy, women/girl, Trans – it belongs. It is then addressed by a name which also implicates its religion. Such as “Christopher for Christian, Krishna for Hindu, Zaid Ali for Muslim etc. (names used only for example purposes). Simultaneously, it is taught the gestures to adopt, required while offering prayers to the almighty.

The day the child wears uniform, it shows that its intake of milk has changed from mother’s breast to perhaps a glass. The first profound transformation. The motive behind studying in any educational institution should be to gain knowledge which will last forever. Unfortunately, the lesson “to first start from zero’ remains untaught. All they learn is to play with numbers on their marks card. In other words, it is a stereotypical and repetitive process of education. People are not ready to accept a fact as simple as ‘holding a pencil in left is not wrong’. Examinations are treated as tests of life and not tests of knowledge. It becomes a magnet, attracting a child towards depression.

Love, empathy and sacrifice are pushed to a place that it becomes impossible for humans to find them when they need them the most. And soon it becomes extinct.

Now on its next move to look for a source of income, its past comes to play a major role. It is officially not welcomed to even give an interview, if the academic records do not adhere to the requirements of respective organizations. Does that mean that a child has to remain alert from the moment it stops wearing dippers?  No wonder, unemployment rate is so high.

The constant fear of not being accepted by certain group/s, burden human beings; intoxicating lots of stress. Those who get accepted, fail to satisfy themselves. In order to escape reality, they addict themselves to the lifestyle which has a traumatic impact on their body, mind and soul.  And when realization takes too long, it becomes too late.  

Till the end they keep running away from something which is inevitable. Life becomes a never ending cycle but they remain constant in the race, dying bit by bit.

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  1. xwanagelic says:

    I have not read something from its first word till its last, since a long time ago. Thanks for bringing that back for me.

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    1. I am glad that you liked the post. Thank you. 🙂


  2. A myopic view of life that is mainstream for me. Well written

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  3. thinkinkadia says:

    I read each of your posts and loved your way with words. Masked, transformed, short, or long- here’s to making every moment count, every interaction special …

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    1. Thank you so much.. means a lot 🙂


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