I was a symbol of love and affection;

A divine blessing.

Not an alibi of mating

Or your lack of protection.

I was alive in you

With your oxygen and food,

In the bed which was round and watery

Day by day I grew.

I had plans to play,

Hide and seek,

To swing, to slide

Perhaps, a new game every day.

I wanted to cuddle in your arms,

sit on daddy’s back

and help him grow paddy

in his large, gigantic farms.

But you killed my dreams

you banned my exit.

Not even once,

you could hear me scream?

Those people with scissors, knife

Syringe, tuning fork

flushed me out of your womb

and snatched my right of life.

I wasn’t either he or she

I was just ‘it’.

But I wasn’t a cuckoo’s egg

laid in crow’s tree.

Though I am no more

but I will remain alive.

As a secret, a bad dream

Behind those closed doors.


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