Man/Woman – One defines the other



Every new soul is an amalgamation of love shared between two individuals. It is a decision taken by two animals blessed with the power of imagination i.e. men and women. It is a creation that inherits some recognizable and some unrecognizable features of both parents.

No dictionary in the world defines men as dominant and women as suppressed creatures (or vice versa). They are two different mortals of one group (humans) with small dissimilarities in appearance. Except a few, they both have organs which functions alike.  But how do we define the relationship between a man and woman?

Emotions are a subtle part of human beings. The arguments between them are outcomes of misunderstood opinions. The arguments are not meant to prove who is right and who is guilty. It is the differences in thoughts stated in an eccentric way.

The ceremony of exchanging rings is an acceptance of each other’s follies and foibles. It is the beginning of two lives which will now be lived as ‘one’. They are ready to glide and rearrange their assembled lifestyles. It is a promise that may be their ways would be different but destination would be same.

When we talk about love, it doesn’t merely involves the act of sleeping together. A woman devotes herself entirely to a man because she thinks of him as a person who has rights on her. She doesn’t define it as intimacy but a process of falling in love with him. A man on the other hand doesn’t make love to a woman to just satisfy his crave. He is, in fact thankful to his lady for choosing him as her partner and letting him enter into her privacy.

A woman during pregnancy goes through enormous changes, both physical and mental. A woman’s feet increase in size and her uterus expands to more than 500 times its normal size. And, this continuous change automatically leads to mood swings. Men are not blessed with uterus. Hence, they cannot feel the pleasure of a soul growing within them.  It is difficult for \them to describe their emotions.

The unbearable labor pain that a woman undergoes is the proof of her strength and celestial happiness. Sitting outside the operation theatre, a man cries too. Hearing his lady scream, is the last thing he would want. The flow of blood in his nerves is replaced with the flow of anxiety which can be termed as ‘patience test’. His mind struggles with plenty of unanswered questions and unclear decisions. He has never been taught about parenting. But the moment he holds his child in his arms, anxiety is replaced with bliss and the only feeling, of ‘being blessed’ lingers around.

With every step they take together, they enlighten the world. Dinners, drive, shopping, arguments, intimacy, support, respect, adjustment, compromise etc are part of a life cycle, paddled by two souls, tied with an imaginary indestructible knot.

Have you seen old married couples walking in a park? You will often find them holding hands. It is a scientific reflection of their love. They have lived by the promise they had made to each other, several years ago and believe to abide by it till the end.


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