Dear Life




You have definitions

yet, unknown to me.

You are an unsolved riddle

backed with insinuations,

an experience absolute new

and answers all hidden.

Time, when I was a little princess

wrapped in my daddy’s arms,

you were easiest to describe.

Slowly, the lines on my palm

joined hands with you

bent in directions that pierced my back.

Every dream that I dreamt

with eyes wide open,

have been killed

and buried without cremation.

Every thirsty breath

that has formed a giant lump in my gland

have yearned to be quenched.

Time then, hurt just meant

bleeding wounds on skin.

Time now, with skin clear like silk,

hurt is beyond ‘just bleed’.

You have harassed me

with your pedicured nails,

and dragged me to a destination, unknown

with no door open for help.

I have accepted my mistakes,

let go my weakness,

fell and stood again, positive.

But again, you my dear friend

beheaded me, leaving my organs paralyzed.

I am out of coins now.

With every round I play

the debt increases.

Still I will hold myself together

Until, I define you with 

words unknown to you.


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