Common Man



Characters are fixed
In the books which tell stories.
It’s either who relish luxury,
Called ‘The elite’
Or the unfortunate poor with not much worries.

I am a common man
Not privileged with the power of money,
Or sound sleep.
In the world so unfair,
There are no stories of mine; neither sad nor funny.

With body suffering with agitation,
I twist and tussle in my bed.
Currencies remain fixed in my pockets,
Whether I work as a labor or employee,
Under a shelter or no shed.

I am unable to read the lines on my palm,
A future, blithe or vile?
A few dollars is all I have saved,
Let me live with it,
No more I can take cunning guile.

In a world so filthy and mean
I want to inhale the air of sanity.
With every sweat I shed,
I dream to build a divine nation
Replacing caste, color, creed with pure humanity.

I dream big to make the world great,
Support my way; together let’s make a plan.
Neither give me names nor call me rogue;
Write my story with a title,
‘I am a common man’.





It’s that time of the year,

When eyes are glued to television.

Dummies from parties contest

For a seat in that white lofty building;

 Forming government with either majority or collision.

Campaigns run for months,

Within cities; both small and big.

Usage of ingenious slogans,

With hundreds of promises to be fulfilled,

But the reality says, they are just prig.

It’s a war without weapons,

Showcasing the power of money.

Rallies, advertisements, free gifts are

Mere tools of temporary software used,

In a system, popularly called Democracy.

Then begins rounds of ‘blame game’

Or how channels call it, ‘debate’.

They rake up each other’s old wounds,

Trying to save their own grave

From people who decide their fate.

The value of the currencies fluctuate,

Oscillating the economies of nations.

With every leader elect,

Affects can be seen on immigrants and expatriates

Globalization or trade relations.

It happens once in a leap year,

Once voted, there are no corrections.

An example has been set by ‘The super power’,

With Mr. President about to create history

After the historic ‘Election’.

Can I get one more chance?


Do you remember any incomplete conversation that you wish you had a chance to complete?  Have you witnessed your mind struggling between ‘I wish I had’ or ‘I wish I hadn’t’?

Few months back:

I had got my first job. I wanted my father to be the first person to know about it. Though I was standing still with phone in my hand, my heart was dancing on the beats of ‘Happy’ (by Pharrell Williams). I was expecting him to pass a virtual hi-fi after hearing the news. Instead, I couldn’t sense even a pinch of happiness in his voice. .

Dad: So you are not coming home?

Me: I can’t. The joining date is day after tomorrow.

Dad: So you are not going to study further?

Me: I will. I have plans to pursue my master degree next year. Dad….

 “Your daughter is not going to study anymore”, he said, passing the phone to my mom. The call got disconnected, after a few minutes of dead silence on the other end. How would you feel when you realize that your father is not happy on your success? Bizarre!! I was disheartened. My mind was apprehended with shrieks of anger. In that belligerence, I decided that I will not talk to him till the day, he asks me to talk.

After 25 days, my sister called me to inform that dad was admitted in hospital. He was suffering from Chronic liver disease. The infection had spread throughout his body. It had hit the brain, resulting in partial memory loss. Five days that I spent outside I.C.U, reminded me of the last 20 years I had spent with him. My hopes fluctuated with every rise and fall of his chest. Those nights were nightmares for me. Every morning, I thanked god for not turning it into reality.

In the morning of the sixth day, I lost him. 

A week later:                                                                

 I was sitting in the lawn with my mom and aunt.  Breaking the silence, my aunt muttered that dad was aware of his deteriorating condition. He knew that he had very less days left to live. She also mentioned that he was extremely happy of my success and had even offered sweets to a few close relatives. In his last days of life, all he wanted was to stay close to his family. And, that was the reason he had asked me to come home.

That incomplete conversation with my dad was the last conversation I had with him.

If I had a chance to complete it, maybe I would have done it in this way:

“Dad, you spent your entire life fulfilling our wishes. Every time you looked at me, I could see a ray of hope in those idyllic eyes. You are my inspiration. I admire your loyalty and determination. With time, primping and clothing will change my appearance but my soul will remain intact with the lessons you have taught.  I know you miss me. I miss you too dad. That’s why I have taken this decision. It’s time for you to take a break and make wishes.  I love you dad. I promise to come home soon.  ”

He taught me: Don’t try to escape reality. Live them. Create memories and laugh at them when you grow old.






The sudden skip of a beat and that uncontrolled breathing,

The comfort in your arms like a protective sheathing,

And the touch of your chin which caressed my skin,

I am still under arrest of these bewildered feelings.

One scoop of that multi layered ice cream we shared,

The different cuisine every night you prepared,

You were so immature to count the number of stars,

Lost in our world, what others think, we hardly cared.

The first time you held my hand in the park,

Or the last time we escaped in the dark,

 A treasure of such moments  reside inside me,

Now all I have of those memories, is a remarkable mark.

You loved my face, when I used to be most annoyed,

When you imitated me like a copycat, you looked paranoid,

There was no space left in our hearts except for love,

After you left, the only coding left in my system is NULL and VOID.

Be it the blanket of your arms in the cold chilly weather,

Or the dry season when the birds shed their feathers,

I remember moments ,not days,

Though the breaches have widened between us,

Still, cheers to the beautiful time we have spent together.