The sudden skip of a beat and that uncontrolled breathing,

The comfort in your arms like a protective sheathing,

And the touch of your chin which caressed my skin,

I am still under arrest of these bewildered feelings.

One scoop of that multi layered ice cream we shared,

The different cuisine every night you prepared,

You were so immature to count the number of stars,

Lost in our world, what others think, we hardly cared.

The first time you held my hand in the park,

Or the last time we escaped in the dark,

 A treasure of such moments  reside inside me,

Now all I have of those memories, is a remarkable mark.

You loved my face, when I used to be most annoyed,

When you imitated me like a copycat, you looked paranoid,

There was no space left in our hearts except for love,

After you left, the only coding left in my system is NULL and VOID.

Be it the blanket of your arms in the cold chilly weather,

Or the dry season when the birds shed their feathers,

I remember moments ,not days,

Though the breaches have widened between us,

Still, cheers to the beautiful time we have spent together.

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