Listening- a better skill!



I scrunched my eyes and clinched my teeth,
Rolled my tongue and chuckled beneath.
I kept murmuring and completely forgot
That it’s your day and only you should be allowed to speak.


There’s a turmoil of words lying inside
Blessed with two ears but only one mouth to confide?
Then someone told to keep my mouth shut
Because to be a good speaker, listening is the best guide.


There is no solution to the complications
When everybody has lost their patience.
Before envy and perfidy takes over, I shall tell you,
Sometimes what really helps is a one way communication.


Look into their eyes, nod along and cover a mile
Hold your emotions within yourself for a meanwhile.
Don’t give unnecessary advice,
Just listen to their pain and offer them a virtuous smile.


Don’t say you understand, when you don’t.
You think it would help? No it won’t.
Sympathies are easy to offer,
Empathizing is a better gesture to be shown.



To every person surrounded by imaginary locks,
I am there to listen if you want to talk
Be it a silly fight or a long buried pain
Come share it on a coffee or a long walk.

A letter to my dear sister

Taken with Lumia Selfie
A chapter which started a few years ago,
Has not ended yet.
Found the missing ‘hero’.
No, there’s no Romeo,
It’s all about my Juliet.  


The finest memory we have created
I don’t have an evidence of it.
But it’s still fresh and every time I reminisce it
Nostalgia takes over me
Bit by bit.
Your strange comfort in discomfort,
Has always made me wonder about you.
How do you manage to be always so beautiful and full of laughter?
Do you take medicines?
Or you are hiding something about which I don’t have a clue.



Calling you a friend 
Feels like an insult to our relation
It resembles perfidy, an awkward jolt and betrayal.
You are a sister from another mother
And almighty’s unusual creation.  


Though it’s been just a few days since I left
But we have come a long way from we began.
There’s so much left to say,
I will tell you all about it, 
When I will see you again.