Listening- a better skill!



I scrunched my eyes and clinched my teeth,
Rolled my tongue and chuckled beneath.
I kept murmuring and completely forgot
That it’s your day and only you should be allowed to speak.


There’s a turmoil of words lying inside
Blessed with two ears but only one mouth to confide?
Then someone told to keep my mouth shut
Because to be a good speaker, listening is the best guide.


There is no solution to the complications
When everybody has lost their patience.
Before envy and perfidy takes over, I shall tell you,
Sometimes what really helps is a one way communication.


Look into their eyes, nod along and cover a mile
Hold your emotions within yourself for a meanwhile.
Don’t give unnecessary advice,
Just listen to their pain and offer them a virtuous smile.


Don’t say you understand, when you don’t.
You think it would help? No it won’t.
Sympathies are easy to offer,
Empathizing is a better gesture to be shown.



To every person surrounded by imaginary locks,
I am there to listen if you want to talk
Be it a silly fight or a long buried pain
Come share it on a coffee or a long walk.

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