Falling in Love


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to forget the man I am in love with.

Do you know how shattered I feel when our relationship is called a myth?

While he is a tricenarian, I recently celebrated my silver jubilee.

Age is just a number, he says, but is our relation an interlude

in the one he has with the woman he lives with.


It started with a conversation at a dinner, which lasted hours

Time just flew by while whiskey and wine kept pouring in.

My mind, though, was stuck at an interminable monologue

Reminding me every second that I was committing a sin.


Office was all about exchanging glances and smiles,

But I was busy weaving dreams of him and I walking down the aisle.

I imagined our home together with kids and lounge

While, he discussed dinner with his wife and skimmed through files.


It’s been months and ours is no more a random office affair.

We have shared kisses and made love.

He says his ain’t a happy marriage and his eyes don’t lie.

But he is afraid to drag his child to the court or worst,  bid goodbye.


There’s a guilt that’s envelopes me every night,

his wife shouts expletives and asks me if my actions are right.

I want to tell her how sorry I am and that she has a carte blanche on him,

Instead, I think of him holding me against the wall and kissing me tight.


Love is unintelligible. Infidelity is a crime.

But love has no boundaries. Ours is one paradigm.

Yes, I fell in love with a married man and this is our little secret

Call it blasphemy, but I shall love him till the sun shines.


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