In his address to the nation, today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned people against coronavirus saying, ‘the lockdown may have been eased but the virus still exists’.

‘We have come a long way since the Janta curfew was imposed. While many people have gone back to work, the danger of coronavirus is not over yet. In this festival season we must not forgot that restrictions might have been eased but coronavirus is still out there’.

He mentioned that India is doing well in its fight against the coronavirus. ‘The recovery rate is good, the fatality rate is low. India is saving the lives of more of its citizen than a lot of developed nations. In India, more than 90 lakh beds are available for corona patients, over 2000 testing labs are operational and around 12000 quarantine centers are there in the country. ’

‘Our doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are selflessly working for the nation. This is not the time to be careless. We must not be in the misconception that corona doesn’t exist anymore. Lately, people have been careless towards the virus. If you are going out without a mask then you are putting your as well as the lives of your family members in danger.’ said the PM.

Speaking on the availability of vaccine the PM said, ‘the entire world has come together in a war against corona. Several vaccines are under development.’

‘Work is being done to make sure vaccine reaches every Indian as soon as it is made available. An infrastructure for vaccination at scale is under process.’ Advising the citizens to not be careless until a vaccine is developed, he said, ‘jab tak davayi nahi, tab tak dheelayi nahi’.

Stressing upon the safety measures to be taken during festival he asked the citizens to maintain 2-feet distancing, regularly wash hands and wear mask. ‘I want to see you safe. I want this festival to fill your life with joy’.

PM offered festive wishes to the citizens and ended his address by requesting media personnel and people on social media to campaign to spread public awareness for following Covid-19 guidelines.

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