Photo courtesy: ANI

Five days before Bihar goes to polls, Prime minister addressed his first rally in Bihar, Sasaram. PM made blistering attacks on the opposition and appealed the voters to reelect NDA government for the development of Bihar.

He began his speech by paying tribute to the veteran LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan.

He lauded the people of Bihar for bravely fighting the coronavirus pandemic, “The swift decisions taken by the government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar is commendable. If the decisions were not taken steadfastly then we would have lost many lives.”

Exuding confidence in voters about their clear stance, he said, ‘I have learnt a lot from the people of Bihar. One best thing about Biharis is their clear vision. They are never confused. The voters have decided that they would not let the misleading opposition linger around.’

 “Be it about the security or development, Bihar has always been upfront”. He paid respect to the martyrs who lost lives in Galwan valley and Pulwama.

He castigated the opposition saying, “the era of Lalten (lantern) is long gone”. ‘This is an era of electricity. You must remember those who had put Bihar into dark tunnels. Those who looted Bihar are greedily eyeing at CM’s seat. Don’t forget the bimaru past. The have never cared about your needs and used the 15 years to fill their own bank accounts”

 “The country had been long waiting for the removal of article 370 from J&K.  The opposition wants to reverse the order. For them politics is above national interest. They are conspiring to weaken the nation.” Warning the opposition, he said, ‘the country would not reverse its decision’.

He took a jibe at the UPA government for delaying the developmental work.  “They didn’t let Nitish work. UPA government destroyed 10 years on Nitish. They made him beg for clearances.”

“When Nitish understood their power politics, he decided to leave the alliance. This is when we joined hands with him for Bihar’s development. We worked together for 4 years and achieved milestones.”

Citing the progress in Bihar he said “the state has electricity, roads and most importantly an environment where people can live fearlessly.” Roads connecting villages have been constructed. Several new bridges have been built along with the work on Son River which is on its last leg.

“Bihar still has a long way to go in terms of development.  Efforts are being made to reach each and every individual in the state. Facilities of gas and electricity have been provided.”

He urged the voters to bring back Nitish- BJP govt to power in order to strengthen self- reliance.

The next rally is scheduled to be held in gaya, followed by Bhagalpur.

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