Waking up in bed with no one around,

Sink uncleaned and clothes lying on the ground,

The cheesy pizza I ordered last night,

Half-eaten, has now turned sticky and brown.

No, my life isn’t ‘imbalanced’,

There’s a comfort I have found in silence.

A year has passed since I have been living alone,

Following social distancing and staying at home.

No visiting friends, family or a stranger I have known.

Even the new office is right here- Work from Home.

No, no, I am okay. I don’t need surveillance.

It’s just, there’s a comfort I have found in silence.

I felt disquiet when there was panic in the outer world

The line between life and death had blurred.

Hundreds lost jobs and millions lost lives,

In search of food, people walked miles.

With so much grief around, I stopped admiring opulence

But there was a comfort I found in silence.

The beings are tired of living under the tyranny,

No, it’s not a human but a virus causing misery.

How did we let it affect our life, is still a mystery?

‘When’, I ask will all this become history.

While everything seems trite and we are losing patience,

There’s a comfort I have found in silence.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. The sad truth of current life all woven into a beautifully penned poem well done.


      1. You’re welcome.


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