That I thought was my world!!


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The bowl of water

I thought, was my world.

I loitered around with no one to be afraid off.

Soon, my feet began to walk

Eyes blessed with vision and hair absolute curled.


The warm lap of my mother

And numbers of toys lying around

I thought, this was my world.

But she gave me books which read ABCD

And eventually I was introduced to verb, adjective and noun.


I couldn’t take my eyes off

The bench on which sat a mister

I thought he was my world and gave him a note of love.

With handwriting complete bizarre

He replied, “Oh dear! You are a lovely sister”.


My finger was burdened with a shining ring

On the day I walked through aisle.

With increased responsibilities, days became busy and nights sleepless

This, I thought was my world

Until the mirror showed the impact of change in my lifestyle.


I tried to define boundaries

At every phase of life.

But life gave me opportunities

Even at stage when I could hear the cracks of my bone

And fingers incapable of holding knife.


The process of respiration has slowed down

With memories flashing in and out.

But that’s not the end of my world

After all I still have to take

A selfie with pout.





It’s that time of the year,

When eyes are glued to television.

Dummies from parties contest

For a seat in that white lofty building;

 Forming government with either majority or collision.

Campaigns run for months,

Within cities; both small and big.

Usage of ingenious slogans,

With hundreds of promises to be fulfilled,

But the reality says, they are just prig.

It’s a war without weapons,

Showcasing the power of money.

Rallies, advertisements, free gifts are

Mere tools of temporary software used,

In a system, popularly called Democracy.

Then begins rounds of ‘blame game’

Or how channels call it, ‘debate’.

They rake up each other’s old wounds,

Trying to save their own grave

From people who decide their fate.

The value of the currencies fluctuate,

Oscillating the economies of nations.

With every leader elect,

Affects can be seen on immigrants and expatriates

Globalization or trade relations.

It happens once in a leap year,

Once voted, there are no corrections.

An example has been set by ‘The super power’,

With Mr. President about to create history

After the historic ‘Election’.